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  • All the problems Make me wanna go Like a bad girl Straight to video Little darling Welcome to the show You're a failure Played in stereo<3

    The song is not the same when we're All played out, played out, all played out They said the memories All play out, fade out, all played out Tell me did you feel that?<3

    Want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world Like I'm the only one that you'll ever love Like I'm the only one who knows your heart Only girl in the world...Like I'm the only one that's in command Cuz I'm the only one who understands how to make you feel like a man<3

    Hot ride in my air balloon Skippin fast right around the moon On a bullet train out of town Walkie talkie, one hand down!<3

    Sailors fighting in the dance hall Oh man! Look at those cavemen go It's the freakiest show Take a look at the Lawman Beating up the wrong guy Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know He's in the best selling show Is there life on Mars?<3

    Hello little boys, little toys We’re the dreams you'll believe in Crawling up the walls Running down your face Razor sharp, razor clean Feel the weapon's sensation On your back...With loaded guns<3

    "Snap away," she said, as she danced towards the moonlight.Run away, he did, as she cast off another night.So intuned were we by the thought of what Could never be.So consumed were we by feelings felt between the sheets.<3

    I did it again, I made a mistake.You're right now. Aren't you satisfied? So I did it again, I made a mistake.You're right now. Are you satisfied? Are you satisfied my love? Are you satisfied?Hey<3

    She's been a crazy dicta Disco diva.. and you wonder Who's that chick? who's that chick? Too cold for you to keep her Too hot for you to leave her Who's that chick? who's that chick?<3

    I can do it like a brother Do it like a dude Grab my crotch, wear my hat low like you<3

    It's not about the money, money, money We don't need your money, money, money We just wanna make the world dance, Forget about the Price Tag<3

    Now we're on this planet I'm in love With all your danger, danger We can live forever I can be your vacant angel, angel Beautiful dangerous<3

    Don't call my name.Don't call my name, Alejandro.I'm not your babe.I'm not your babe, Fernando.Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch.Just smoke my cigarrette and hush.Don't call my name.
    Don't call my name, Roberto.<3

    Yeah right Yeah right I mean honestly You lied to me like I'm not there Yeah right Yeah right You must be mad you lied so bad Just listen to yourself Yeah right Yeah right You'll lose my love
    If you keep it up Yeah right<3

    I'm beautiful in my way,'Cause God makes no mistakes I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way Don't hide yourself in regret,Just love yourself and you're set I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way<3

    it makes me proud so proud of you I see innocence shining through<3

    I'm just a Holy Fool, oh baby, it's so cruel But I'm still in love with Judas, baby!<3

    You say "too late to start got your heart in a headlock", I don't believe any of it.<3

    You the cure and the cause of my blues. My only flaw.<3

    Give me some rope I'm coming loose, I'm hanging on you Give me some rope I'm coming loose, I'm pulling for you now Give me some rope I'm coming, out of my head, into the clear
    When you go I come loose<3

    Beautiful disaster Flyin' down the street again I tried to keep up You wore me out and left me ate up Now I wish you all the luck You're a butterfly in the wind without a care A pretty train crash to me and I can't care I do I don't whatever <3

    Im Sian Im 19 years old. Im Bisexual. I love Video Games,Cooking,Drama,Art,Singing,Dancing,Fashion designing, Anything to do with Art, I also like Trains LOL jk i only like Thomas<3

    Im a Random Girl, I wont take any shit from anyone.Im who i am, and if you dont like it then drop dead bbz. :D <3