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  • tombraidergirl

    Lara Croft

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  • Reward

    WM 2014 Tippkönigin
    Bundesliga 12/13 Tippkönigin
    Bundesliga 15/16 Tippkönigin
    Bundesliga 16/17 Tippkönigin

Persönliche Informationen


Über mich

  • Real Name: Jana

    Hobbies: geocaching, writing, mountainbiking, gaming, music

    Favourite Animals: cats of all sorts

    Favourite Food: Italian, Japanese, Mexican

    Favourite Book: Pride and Prejudice, Dracula, Harry Potter, anything by Terry Pratchett (especially Night Watch and Moving Pictures), Treasure Island

    Favourite Movie: The Lord of the Rings, Kill Bill, James Bond, X-Men, Iron Man

    Favourite TV Series: Arrow, Castle, Game of Thrones

    Favourite Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp, Will Smith

    Favourite Music: Placebo, D'espairsRay, Poets of the Fall, U2, Kosheen, DIR EN GREY, Nightwish and many more. (see http://www.last.fm/user/tombraidergirl for details)

    Favourite Games (besides TR): Uncharted, Tekken, Prince of Persia, Alan Wake, BioShock

    How I got to Tomb Raider:
    Basically a friend got me into playing Tekken and when buying it I picked Tomb Raider (2) too, because it was nearby on the shelf and the images on the back cover looked interesting.

    Tomb Raider items I collect: (Top Cow) comics, figurines

    Other things I collect:fridge magnets, lanyards

    Gaming Platforms and Gamer Names: I use the gamer name "tombraidergirl" both on Xbox and PlayStation. If you'd like to add me, you have to tell me who you are, I won't accept blank requests and requests from users I don't know well.

    all kinds of (social media) profiles:
    Twitter (tombraidergirl_) (Twitter channel for tombraidergirl.com)
    Facebook (tombraidergirlcom) (Facebook page for tombraidergirl.com)
    Tumblr (blog.tombraidergirl.com) (blog for tombraidergirl.com)
    Youtube (youtube channel for tombraidergirl.com)

    Twitter (Jana Raids Tombs) (my private ramblings)
    Last.fm (tombraidergirl) (music I listen to)
    Geocaching.com (tombraidergirl) (Geocaches I have logged)
    PSN Profile (tombraidergirl) (my trophies on PlayStation)
    Xbox Gamertag (tombraidergirl) (my achievements on Xbox)
    Steam ID (tombraidergirl) (my achievements on Steam)

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