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Thursday, January 1st 2004, 6:28am

Game freezes (PS2)

I am playing Tomb Raider The Angel Of Darkness on PS2 and sometime the game locks or freezs. I don't have a memory card yet. Could someone tell me what I should do?


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Thursday, January 1st 2004, 1:53pm

First: Get a memory card, you will not be able to beat the game without, but you probably already know that.

I am sorry, I cannot give you first hand information on this problem (I chose the PC Version since it was released earlier than the PS2 Version where I live.)

This problem seems to be very common. I am not sure if there are solutions to it.

I have looked on the Eidos Webpage, but it seems they totally ignore PS2 Users. (ignorant bastards!)

Are there certain spots where the game crashes? If possible try avoiding them - I know easier said then done. I have heard that this might also happen when the PS2 gets too hot. (But actually I think that's rubbish. My PS2 never gets hot and we are playing for hours. It's the games fault.)

There seems to be a level skip which might help you in some cases, but you don't want to skip through the whole game... Apparently you have to press L1,R2, Triangle, down and start simultaneously and if you then pause the game you should have a skip level option - haven't tested it...


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Monday, August 23rd 2004, 6:11pm

it could be a faulty disc or your PS2