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India Ganges


Friday, October 31st 2003, 10:06pm


Please help! I've gotten to almost the end of part 2, collected all but one key, and am searching the bottom of the pool but can't find that LAST darned key. Anybody tell me where it's located relative to the entrance to the pool?


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Friday, October 31st 2003, 11:54pm

In the second level? Is that by the sheevah statues? The last key is directly under the opening in the pool, but you have to turn off the current.


Monday, November 24th 2003, 4:23pm


Thanks a bunch. I found it right where you said it would be. My monitor was dim, and I kicked up the brightness a bit. That helped, too.


Tuesday, May 11th 2004, 4:24pm

Tomb Raider III - Ganges: Riding quad over difficult gap

I know from TR II that there is always a solution, but I can't jump the first difficult gap in the Ganges section. I know I must hold the handbrake (0 on a Mac) and accelerate (Cntrl) then let gop the handbrake, but I still don't get up enpugh speed to jump the gap and always crash down. Any help/advice?


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Tuesday, May 18th 2004, 4:58am

Try backing up then jumping. I have the playstation version.
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