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Lara Croft

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Mittwoch, 18. November 2015, 14:14

Status of the Walthrough

As you might have read on my twitter (@TombRaiderGirl_) post, or the same message shared on facebook[/url] (https://www.facebook.com/tombraidergirlcom/). I began writing the walkthrough in English and German at the same time.

That turned out to be difficult when I reached the point where I had to swap around side-missions within a level, so I continued only to write the German part, until it makes sense to write the English text as well. I will be doing some translating later tonight, to catch you up.

I am writing the walkthough in three stages:

  1. 1st Draft: Quick Guide Story-Missions + Sidequests and Goodies that are not far from the path (those we've found without straying too far, without employing the map the whole time).
  2. 2nd Draft: Complete Guide with all sidemissions and goodies when they can be done/collected
  3. 3rd Draft: Revised Guide mop up and correction of minor issues, adding of pictures and creating a video guide

(As said above English readers will no get the first draft... as it is too much work to rearrange the texts between 1st and 2nd draft in two languages at once)

Current status December 31st:

2nd draft: done

2nd draft: Level 9 (Unexpected Discovery)

Level ("Echoes of the Past")