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New Raider

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Tuesday, June 3rd 2008, 3:06am

Can she walk?

Just got my Tomb Raider Anniversary PC. Just a few questions for anyone out there.

I can't get her to walk in the direction I need her to go in.........It's been a while since I played and can see that many changes have taken place. What about walking backward? ;(


Lara Croft

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Tuesday, June 3rd 2008, 10:18am

Lara can walk. If not using an analog gamepad, where you'd simply press the direction lightly, you need to hold the Alt key.

Lara can not really walk backwards, as she'd turn around when pressing that direction. When in combat mode (locking on to an opponent) Lara can do some of her old moves like flipping sideways, or backwards, maybe even walk backwards (never tried it) in a fashion.