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Monday, July 15th 2002, 9:18pm

Author: LLC

Anyone want to play a game?

I am going to try Col. Mustard Revolver Billard Room

Monday, July 15th 2002, 2:43am

Author: LLC


Right, Got it. I am ready shall we dance?

Thursday, July 11th 2002, 2:43pm

Author: LLC

Thank you all

Tahnk you all for sharing your treasures. I think it is really nice to hear about neat llittle things. Family stuff is always the most precious.

Thursday, July 11th 2002, 12:03am

Author: LLC

What did you have inmind

What game did you have in mind? Something online or as we go type?

Thursday, July 11th 2002, 12:02am

Author: LLC


Very nice Puma, Is it authenticated or a copy? If the former then way cool even the later is nice though. The Mayan pieces and the glass are and have been authenticated - the Mayan pieces were dated to about 350 AD, the glass is more then 2000 years old. Sounds as if the ammo box could and probably dates back to the WWI days. In certain respects it is the family stuff that is more precious is it not?

Wednesday, July 10th 2002, 7:37pm

Author: LLC


I have a few pieces that I managed to pick up over the years. A couple of small Mayan statues and some Roman glass are the best archaeological pieces. I also consider a couple of pieces that I have 'inherited' from my family but more because of historical/sentimental reasons: The piece of sharpnel taken out of my mum's leg from her days working on the UXB and her Battle of Britan ribbon. The other is my uncles RAF medical card stating he his a haemophilliac (he was actually a fighter pilot at th...

Tuesday, July 9th 2002, 8:28pm

Author: LLC

Good luck then!

Well an Egyptologist! Sounds smashing. Good luck with your future endeavour then!

Tuesday, July 9th 2002, 3:31pm

Author: LLC


Ah, sounds like a few Lara-style pictures I did. Nothing nasty but certainly for a bit more 'mature' nature.

Monday, July 8th 2002, 8:42pm

Author: LLC

What speciality?

LaraCroftTwin, Just wondering what speciality you might consider in archaeology? I like the field from a purely amateur view. I tried a tiny bit of field work and it is a rather tedious business. Necessary but tedious. Guess that is why I got my doctorate in another speciality. Well best wishes!

Monday, July 8th 2002, 8:37pm

Author: LLC

Not the only one

I will be looking forward to it also. Good luck Puma!

Monday, July 8th 2002, 4:27pm

Author: LLC

Speaking of which

Lara, You might want to check out Adventurer's Place and Lara Models UK. Both are having look-alike contests. The former has a deadline of August 25th the later will be later this year or early next year. TR girl has a link and in fact entering herself!

Monday, July 8th 2002, 2:42am

Author: LLC


Well, I am anglo-american myself. Currently living and owrking in the States but grew up England. Peridocially, Beks drops by here also and she is in the Birmingham area.

Thursday, June 27th 2002, 11:41pm

Author: LLC

Ah thank you

TR girl. Thank you! I have lots of fun here and there. It is people like you that make this so much fun beyound the games!

Thursday, June 27th 2002, 2:52am

Author: LLC

Upstairs downstairs

Ah just to be different upstairs. Danger ahead! Sounds delish! BTW Nice writing Puma. I seem to have gotten into trying my hand at it over on Zen's site. It is a Lara Croft/Indiana Jones crossover - kind of fun trying to write from two different perspectives.

Thursday, June 27th 2002, 2:48am

Author: LLC


This is one of my favorites also. TR girl has done a great job. One of my got to check every day ones.

Thursday, June 13th 2002, 2:43pm

Author: LLC

No problem!

TR girl. No problem. I understand that this can be a bit expensive. I just love your site - it is one of my favorites. No more big increase then. Keep up the good work lady. Best of luck and well wishes for keeping all of the links together! LLC

Wednesday, June 12th 2002, 3:46pm

Author: LLC

Caption contest - Win prizes

Get your attention? Lara Croft Models - UK is having a caption contest, here are the details: 11/6/02 CAPTION COMPETITION: To win an offical LARA© tour merchandise bag +suprise goodies(shown on the right) enter our caption comp!a second prize winner will also recive a Lara Croft collectable card game Check it out: Thank you everyone! LLC aka Marilyn (one of TR girls look a llikes)

Wednesday, June 12th 2002, 3:41pm

Author: LLC


Kitetsu: Adventurer's Place Indy Jones - Lara Croft - CosPlay They are currently having a Lara look-alike contest with some very nifty prizes. Boots, guns, movie belt+buckle is just some of the great prizes. Entry deadline for anyone interested is August 25th. Our very own TR girl is going to give it a go! (YOU GO GIRL!) The other place you might want to take a look at is Lara Croft Models - UK They are currently having a ca...

Tuesday, June 11th 2002, 10:41pm

Author: LLC

I will take a look

TR girl, I will take a look for it. The convention runs August 1,2,3 and 4th. I will be there all 4 days. If I come across it (or multiples) I can probably e-contact you to let you know and if it seems a fair enough price. Anything else? I will be in Lara costume(s) over the 4 days to help promote Zen's and Chole's Lara contests.