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Sunday, May 18th 2008, 4:47pm

Author: amnesiac

'Tis I, (Pro) Grape!

Welcome back, Grape

Wednesday, April 30th 2008, 2:01pm

Author: amnesiac


hello again

Saturday, April 5th 2008, 10:04am

Author: amnesiac


nice to meet the two of you

Sunday, October 7th 2007, 1:41pm

Author: amnesiac

Animals as Pets

i've got only one dog, she's sooo cute (in this picture you see my dad and our little girl ) 2nd: doing her favourite pastime: stealing my socks and chewing them *gg*

Friday, June 1st 2007, 4:39pm

Author: amnesiac


mho: 1 and 2 were really cool, sth really new but the third was just ridiculous, boring and stupid..... maybe the 4th will be better than the last one..

Monday, May 28th 2007, 2:57pm

Author: amnesiac

Karima Adebibe

she looks more like a cornball and less like a member of a british lord family

Monday, May 28th 2007, 8:06am

Author: amnesiac

Karima Adebibe

i think so too

Monday, May 28th 2007, 8:05am

Author: amnesiac


yeah, she was reaally great =) i changed my av for the bacon lara hehe

Friday, May 11th 2007, 9:01am

Author: amnesiac

Happy birthday, Koalah :)

the title says everything, so, happy birthday, koalah

Friday, April 13th 2007, 2:27pm

Author: amnesiac

New Moderator

congratulation i'm sure you'll do a great job edit: a little bit late, i know.... *ggg*

Thursday, April 12th 2007, 5:03pm

Author: amnesiac

Happy Birthday Masterofdesaster

auch von mir alles alles gute zum geburtstag du treue spam seele hehe =)

Wednesday, February 21st 2007, 7:16pm

Author: amnesiac

Does anyone know any good horror games?

does anyone know the silent hill games-line? they are soooo scary edit: has been discussed already, i'm blind in a way *g*

Thursday, February 8th 2007, 2:57pm

Author: amnesiac


I ADORE MUSE!!!!!!!!!! now we're three.. *g*

Monday, February 5th 2007, 7:03pm

Author: amnesiac

reading books?

i took the 3-5 a year button.. have not more time than that, unfortunately

Monday, February 5th 2007, 2:21pm

Author: amnesiac

Hardest Level

japan was one of the easiest, i think

Sunday, February 4th 2007, 9:01am

Author: amnesiac

What browser do you use?

i use firefox and an IE but i dunno which one..

Sunday, February 4th 2007, 8:52am

Author: amnesiac

what language do you speak best?

and you know grape, ich helfe dir immer gern mit Deutsch!

Thursday, February 1st 2007, 7:13pm

Author: amnesiac


grilled turtle, yummie =)

Thursday, February 1st 2007, 6:37pm

Author: amnesiac


propably no?