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Monday, January 9th 2017, 2:19pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

General Rise of the Tomb Raider Discussion

Hi Everyone, I just finished ROTR on the PC. Yes, i know everyone else played this over a year ago, but it has been mysteriously expensive on the PC for months. Only over xmas did they drop it to a reasonable price. Good game, but i found 2013 more emotionally gripping and scarier. I'm glad they didn't have a boss fight though. I'm wondering if ive missed anything in my playthough; side missions etc. I played the witch thing. What about secret undocumented places. Surely there's some in the Mano...

Monday, December 1st 2014, 12:52pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

TR2013: the best so far?

you're right about the weapons. one of the few games ive enjoyed using them all and pretty much had to. in most games i concentrate on the pistol, spending all the upgrades there. I always find the pistol good for distance and head shots. Although true for tr2013, i also needed to use the other weapons too. it took me a while to like the shotgun. annoyingly, i found myself often without ammo in a close situation "click" and no time to reload. later during the samuri guard attack, i was using the...

Sunday, November 30th 2014, 11:35pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

TR2013: the best so far?

Hello Everyone. I only just finished TR2013. Yes, i know you all completed it last year, but i had a problem with my PC and until i got a new one i couldnt play. Anyhow, i transferred over the saves and continued. My personal view is that this is the best TR game to date. I found the whole thing most entertaining. the graphics are excellent and the puzzles very well thought out - no cheap maze or combination lock puzzles that were once used to pad out the games. I really hope they continue with ...

Sunday, November 30th 2014, 11:12pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

TressFX: No More Bad Hair Days for PC Gamers

i concur. the hair with this feature looks amazing. it moves properly and flows over objects too. one thing a bit wrong for the game (as mentioned earlier) is that the hair is shiny - like she's just walked out of a salon. but instead the rest of her is covered in muck!

Sunday, November 30th 2014, 11:04pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

How do I get past Boris the russian on the Endurance wreck?

on the pc, you have to hit the "F" key at the right time. watch for the circles to close in and hit "F" when they centre.

Sunday, November 30th 2014, 11:01pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

Chasm Ziggurat

Hi, I played this bit twice. first time i had lots of ammo and it was easier. second time was a lot more difficult because i didnt have much ammo to start. killing with the pistol was a lot harder! basically, i was ok until those additional archers kept coming up at me. if i went for the fat guy, i was hit will the arrows. if i went for the archers, i was hit with the spiked club! here's a good 'ole' tomb raider trick... keep jumping as you run around. jumping helps prevent the arrows hitting an...

Sunday, August 7th 2011, 5:55pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

real life TR classic flashback!

Hello Everyone, been a while. waiting for a good game to come out. i hope. anyhow, today i had a TR classic flashback in real life! im posting this here, sorry if this isnt the ideal location, but its a bit miscellaneous. check these, and best regards,

Thursday, December 4th 2008, 1:35am

Author: beerfridgeraider

Gaming: What in the World?

It’s no secret that console games are (were?) based on the razor model. Make a loss on the console; make a profit on the games which will make a profit overall assuming each console owner buys X games (whatever X is). I say “were” because Nintendo always make profit on both the console and the games. This is the case with the Wii. It is sold at a (small) profit, so in theory the games should be cheaper (are they?). Currently I think Sony are still at an overall loss with the PS3, although it is ...

Wednesday, December 3rd 2008, 1:30am

Author: beerfridgeraider

Tomb Raider Underworld: Completion Thread

Quoted from "obi-wan_the_hobbit" dumbed down Spoiler I also think that TRU is somewhat dumbed down. It’s certainly easier than its predecessors. Although I don’t like gratuitously obscure puzzles either. To be fair, there are some interesting and entertaining puzzles in TRU. I can’t really be sure just how much of my opinion of the difficulty is biased by the lack of bosses. The bosses meant the previous games took a lot longer to play, but I don’t really like the boss fights that much. I find ...

Friday, November 28th 2008, 1:21am

Author: beerfridgeraider

random thoughts

Since croft manor burnt down, it would be a good excuse to invent a new “manor” for the future. Like it was, there was not much else you could invent in croft manor that hadn’t already been done, and stuff like the enormous underground crypt that no-one knew about is starting to look unlikely to say the least. How about she moves into a castle once owned by a branch of her family or something? That would give huge scope for new “manor” levels, with secret passageways galore! I would have liked a...

Friday, November 28th 2008, 1:19am

Author: beerfridgeraider

TRU Difficulty

I’ve been finding the game a lot easier than the previous ones. TRU depends a lot less on trick moves (at least in the main gameplay) and has a much smoother plotline, rather than obviously disjoint authored levels by separate teams vaguely cobbled together at the end. I think the production levels are quite high and there is a lot of content, but the time taken to complete the game may be shorter than before. I prefer it that way. Padding with cheap maze-like levels or corny “combination lever”...

Wednesday, November 26th 2008, 2:58pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

Arctic Sea - Helheim

Thanks Wile E ! i have a save game just at that section. i'm going to try it. i hope it's worth it and not just another "tetra pack"

Monday, November 24th 2008, 6:33pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

Mass Effect

I thought id mention that I enjoyed the game “Mass Effect”, a combination of (fairly weak) puzzles, combat and character interaction. I think some TR fans might enjoy it. The character interaction is a lot better than in TR and you can choose from a selection of responses. You can be nice to people or can be nasty to get your way – it’s an interesting choice. Also, the graphics are superb. I think the TR engine needs a bit of a revamp (in comparison), there’s not much graphical improvement (if a...

Monday, November 24th 2008, 5:23pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

use of pistols

Thanks. I’ve also discovered the pistols are actually the better weapon. For example, during the bit with the men on the boat, although the pistols have less range than say the rifle, they are quicker to reload and you can get a lot more shots off than, say the shotgun – which has a slow repeat rate, albeit at less damage per shot. Also im finding melee combat quite fun. Pushing monster off ledges works quite well.

Monday, November 24th 2008, 4:21pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

Arctic Sea - Helheim

I get here. Getting across is ok, once fat boy and friends are dispatched. However, I find four of these, Activate them and nothing happens. What have I missed? I was hoping the poison waterfall might stop and I’d use the swing to get somewhere – or something? Annoyingly, I tried a couple of times and then moved on, thinking this is another one of those; do it on the way back tricks. Maybe it is! Currently, im in the midst of the battle a bit further on. Im finding the hammer a bit useless and ...

Sunday, November 23rd 2008, 2:04am

Author: beerfridgeraider

Gate of the dead missed bits?

Fussel, mow them down with the bike. So where’s the bike cannon, “budda! Budda! Budda!!”. Perhaps that’s too close to judge dredd (his lawmaster has twin bike cannons) . But seriously, wouldn’t be a bad idea for a future game. i run all the baddies over even inside the caves. excellent! Snow & Ice level, great! But where’s the breath? There’s breath mist in the cut scenes but not in the gameplay. ‘was in TR3. No excuse! Ok, so in this picture there are two poles. On the right and another left (a...

Saturday, November 22nd 2008, 11:19pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

Ledges near entrance

In the land of the dead, i did this part of the game and got back out, but i didn’t make use of these ledges to the immediate left of the entrance (pictured in background). i can get to them, but then nowhere else (it seems). are these just superfluous, or are they possibly and alternative way out from below? Sometimes, I miss a lot of the secrets. thanks for any info.

Saturday, November 22nd 2008, 8:33pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

raising the bridges

i just got to the bit fussel was originally talking about. you can get across the first log ramp with the bike, but then there is one that is "down" and you cant cross it. eventually, i figured it out. here's a vid [Warning: vid is spoiler!] BTW, i never did throw the switch up at the top, the one with more missing heads. did i miss a head, or is it one of these newfangled; to be done on the return pass tricks this game is throwing (like the krakan/octopus high up thing?) opps, my posts gone mad...

Saturday, November 22nd 2008, 7:48pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

how to move the bridge more

Hi, I quite liked the bridge puzzle because you know what you have to do, and it’s figuring out how. Not just some dumb jumping trick. Spoiler Ok. Climb down at the back of the bridge and move it as far as you can. then climb up. Looking back towards where you came in, you will see a ring on the left side of the bridge (there is also one on the right). You’ll notice that, although the top of the bridge does not yet contact with the upper level on the left, the bottom of the bridge is near to a l...

Saturday, November 22nd 2008, 4:45pm

Author: beerfridgeraider

Coastal Thailand - Puppet No Longer

After such a good puzzle with the bridge, we're faced with an old-style rump of a puzzle fighting the control system. Yes, it's that nasty swing on the rope and somehow jump off at exactly the right moment that was the bane of the previous game and generally sucks in entertainment terms. What you have to do afterwards is also confusing and irritating. i thought i'd post something on this. i'm talking about here: Spoiler You have to run and jump off the first ledge, use the rope and climb the rob...