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Thursday, January 3rd 2008, 7:57pm

Author: panicatthedisco

tr8 platform drama!

400 euros translated into GB Pound Sterling is...... 298.... Damn. Nearly £300! Although if I did get lucky it would be worth it if I got the game included, so it's not really that bad, I suppose...

Thursday, January 3rd 2008, 7:44pm

Author: panicatthedisco

tr8 platform drama!

Quoted from "Lara Raider" Crystal Dynamics are releasing TRU on powerful consoles - that means - PC, PS3 and XBox 360. Darn!!! *throws PS2 across room [metaphorically, of course]* Do you reckon the PS3 will become fairly cheap by that time so I can go and get one from somewhere, not wanting to be left behind and all?

Thursday, January 3rd 2008, 7:25pm

Author: panicatthedisco

Tomb Raider 8 ideas

I like the cutscene movie type things at the ends of levels and that! They're the best bit of it! They should at least make them longer if it's going to be along the same lines of Legend and Anniversary where you play lots of difficult challenges just to be able to view small cutscenes at the end. There's no point if you're not going to find out a fair bit in the cutscene at the end about what Lara's doing.

Friday, December 28th 2007, 8:20pm

Author: panicatthedisco

Some Ideas

Quoted from "44chakkie44" is it a real place??? Where? Avalon? Well, either way, it certainly is in the game, apparently. Obviously there's going to be a lot of playing based around trying to find Avalon "behind the looking glass" and Lara finding her mother and possibly finding out a few things about what happened with the whole Sword ecsapade at the end of Legend when Amelia disappeared and then mysteriously managed to come back unexplained and then die in the plane crash [does anyone actuall...

Friday, December 28th 2007, 7:41pm

Author: panicatthedisco

Croft Manor

I think I did try that, yes, but I think the camera angles were very limited and I couldn't quite get it to where it usually works for me. I will try again though just in case. Thanks!!

Friday, December 28th 2007, 7:33pm

Author: panicatthedisco

Secret in the gym?

Hey guys. I printed out the TRG Walkthrough for the mansion, and I've completed it to unlock the music room and such like, but I'm still stuck on getting one of the secrets in the gym. In the Walkthrough TRG states that you have to Grapple and run on the wall and then jump from there whilst swinging to the ramp to go and get the secret instead of going onto the ledge like previously. But I seem to be having a bit of trouble with the jumping to the ramp part. I get the basic logic of how to do it...